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Founded in 2015, Richards Group Insurance was incorporated by Dennis and Christine Richards as a husband-wife team because they knew that we could still offer that “small town” insurance agent customer service while also offering today’s methods of communication and great prices. Their thought was that they could take Dennis’ many, many years in the insurance industry and combine it with Christine’s 15 years of teaching teens and adults and create a customer and community focused agency that truly used consulting with people to find answers to their risk solutions and then provided education on how to maximize their benefits of their policies.

Why Sage?

​In 2023, Richards Group, Inc decided to change their sales model to expand the amount of insurance companies they could represent.

As a condition of this transition, the initial customers had to be sold back to their initial company; which meant that this was a great time to rebrand the agency and thus, Sage Insurance Group was born!

The connection between Sage and wisdom dates back to the ancient times when the herb Sage was valued for its medicinal properties for wisdom, longevity, and good health. In fact, the word “sage” comes from the Latin word “salvare,” which means “to heal” or “to save.”  

Sage has been used for centuries for its protective properties, particularly in indigenous cultures throughout the Americas. Burning sage in a process known as smudging is believed to have a cleansing and purifying effect on the environment and can be used to protect against negative energy, evil spirits, or other unwanted influences.

Sage = Wisdom

Wisdom is something you should hope that your insurance agent has!

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We are first time homebuyers and recently purchased our homeowners insurance through the Sage Insurance-Richards Group. They came highly recommended from our lender and we’re so happy to be working with them! Christine was nothing short of amazing. She explained everything so well and didn’t make us feel rushed to make a decision. We appreciate her upbeat personality and professionalism. She is extremely responsive as well. We look forward to working with the Sage Insurance-Richards Group for many years to come!

Kelly White

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Get extra liability coverage

My husband and I have been with the Sage Insurance-Richards Group Home and Auto Insurance for almost 5 years! We have our cars, jetskis, and home on our policy! Dennis and Christine are AWESOME! They respond quickly with email, text, or calls. They also have GREAT insurance rates! I ended up getting a new car with only 12 miles on it and my insurance only went up like $12. I had a 2011 so that tells you how GREAT they are. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Mary Olson

Sage Insurance Group

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