Did you know?

The average cost per year of owning a dog is about $1,400.

The average annual cost of owning a cat is about $1,200.

Those dollar figures do not include unexpected vet bills.  You know- the things like when your dog decided to identify as a trash panda and swallowed God-knows-what from the garbage and is clearly not feeling well -or- when you walked into your kids room a few days into Halloween and saw a solid 4 hours of special-ops precision candy loot gone with only the wrappers to show for it- and Lassie whimpering in the corner next to a brown puddle that smells absolutely nothing like the chocolate you are pretty sure went in.

The dollar figures don’t account for problems like cancer (can run up to $22K in vet bills) or serious injuries like being hit by a distracted driver.

21% of pet parents have paid over $1,000 for a pet emergency. Over 40% of pet owners say that they would easily pay $1,000 or more for a vet emergency using a credit card or even a personal loan.

Love your pet(s) but know you would have a hard time swallowing a charge of $1,000 or more for an emergency? 


Do you wish that there was a way that you could pay into a fund for the security of knowing that if your pet did have a covered problem, that you could submit your receipt for reimbursement or have the insurance company pay the vet directly?

Have you put off buying pet insurance because you thought one or more of the following?


  • You weren’t sure what exactly was included – and didn’t want to wind up paying money for basically nothing
  • Thought it might be expensive (again, potentially for nothing)
  • Got confused when you did an online quote when you started adding in more options
  • Your pet is really healthy right now

If you can relate to any of these- you are not alone, but Sage Insurance Group has recently partnered with Nationwide pet insurance, a 40-plus year veteran to the pet insurance market space.

Policies start at $25 / month and allow you to visit any licensed veterinarian in the United States, allow you to cancel at any time, risk free, offers unlimited 24/7 virtual pet care  with the VetHelpline app, and savings when filling pet prescriptions at any in-store Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy with the Nationwide PetRxExpress program.


Visit the Nationwide Pet Insurance website to get your own customized pet insurance quote by clicking here

Once you have provided all of the information, let us know if you have questions about pet insurance in general or how to read the information about what is and isn’t included.

Policies purchased via the link provided will be a part of Sage Insurance Group’s pet insurance family!